Initially anchored in the agricultural machinery sector since 2012, AGTRACKS  digital agency has become a reference in terms of content creation by working for many players in the sector in the Europe and Middle East region.

With its integrated studio (photo, video, editorial …) and a team of specialists, the agency supports and advises its clients and their brands in content strategy in the agricultural sector as well as in the wider industry (forestry , environment, construction, energy, automobile …).

The agency AGTRACKS works from the conception to the diffusion of the brand content, passing of course by the phase of production. Content that wants to differentiate, identity, performance and rooted in the time, to develop and engage audiences and generate brand preference.

Today brand communication must make sense to be accepted. Brands are able to become their own media. On a day-to-day basis, we face together the challenge of creating influential content, high added value content, capable of creating an emotional and cultural impact and this in a thoughtful ecosystem, where the definition of an editorial line will guide the messages that brands want to wear, just as a media would adopt a consistent tone, on its media, its events or its social networks.


After ten years of experience in professional agricultural media (Head of Products and Machinism heading at Terre-Net Media, Head of machinery at Terre-Net Média, Editorial Manager at, Thibaut GUILLET founded in 2012 AGTRACKS which will become AGTRACKS agency a few years later.

A specialized independent agency, whose ambition is clear : to maintain the flexibility and agility of a human-sized structure while ensuring a quality of reflection and productions worthy of major agencies.